SevenAngel Flute blower mouthpiece whistle for beginner easy to blow bamboo flute dizi blowing aid Helper

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Product features

Product name: The flute mouthpiece (bamboo flute beginner helper)

Product specifications: L, M and S

Material: Food Grade ABS

Product features and usage: This multi-functional mouthpiece is a gospel for beginners. Many flute enthusiasts have a hard time playing the flute, they are not able to control the tone of their mouths, and their mouth shape is difficult to control (and their mouths are very tired), so they give up this hobby and bring regret, how much envy and envy. This mouthpiece is very easy to solve the problems that you will encounter in beginners. Hold the mouthpiece on the blowing hole and rotate it to the right position. It will sound as soon as it blows. The mouthpiece can correct the mouth shape. It is easy for beginners to get started. Fingering is much easier. The other end of the mouthpiece is the film cover, which can be taken off when not blowing to protect the film from being broken. This saves you the time of attaching the film and saves the cost of the film. This multi-functional mouthpiece has two colors (milky and transparent), and there are three sizes of large,medium and small (S size for G key flute, M size for E or F key flute,L size for C or D key flute)

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Flute Blowing Aid