Hot Comfortable Korean Style Soft lovely Cartoon Pure Cotton sleep Eye Shade Cute Animal shading Ice Portable Hot Panda Eye Mask

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1. Funny and cute cartoon pattern, cotton material, rubber band on the back, set on the head, the inner tank is an ice pack, the ice pack can be taken out, and the ice pack is placed in the refrigerator.

2. This Korean cartoon ice bag can be shaded, and there is an ice bag attached to the eye mask. It can also remove dark circles, pain and edema in the refrigerator. Size: 18.5*11cm Style: 1 garden point, 2 drop models,

3 forks, 6 squint models, 7 poor models, 8 red hearts, 9 wave models, symbol models, long eyelash models, big white hearts, eyeball models.

Package includes: 1* blackout goggles

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